Meritor has developed an enviable reputation by not only providing exceptional services of its own, but also through strategic relationships with top companies and organizations in a variety of fields.

IPA - In Brokerage Services, Meritor is the founder and manager of the India Properties Alliance, a strategic partnership of brokerage firms in every major Indian city. The IPA serves as an intra-national information and services broker, helping clients in one city to find property or tenants anywhere in the country. Chosen from among the best brokers in India, IPA’s members enable developers and property owners to sell and lease space to clients - and for clients to locate the best available properties - more effectively and quickly than any other process available.

Studley Inc - Studley is the leading US commercial real estate firm focused primarily on tenant representation and advisory services. Studley conducts business in every major market in the United States, as well as the United Kingdom. Studley has built its reputation on the expert services it provides to its clients, providing skillful analysis and transaction negotiations for clients with varied and complex needs. The company includes among its clients Fortune 500 corporations, major law firms, financial institutions, nonprofit organizations and government agencies. Through its relationship with Studley, Meritor is able to and has successfully provided seamless real estate services to Studley clients in the United who require property services in India.

Partners in Excellence - Partners in Excellence is a body comprised of the top vendors, consultants and contractors in India who, together, help ensure Structural Success for our project management customers. Companies included in the Partners in Excellence are known for their consistent focus on quality, cost control, transparency, professionalism, and integrity. Companies that can trust each other for reliable service, fair pricing, and professional accountability can offer clients dependable, combined delivery of all project elements – and Partners in Excellence is the first time in India such a coordinated effort has been made to ensure the best project delivery possible. Partners in excellence include the best names in Architecture; the most renowned Civil, Interior, Electrical, Sanitation, Voice & Data, Air Conditioning, and Landscape Consulting and Contracting firms; and the best materials vendors in India and abroad.